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'Self and others' as higher order consciousness

Self and others:
While one's hand touches something, 'what it is touched' can sense 'touched' at the same time. And we can discriminate self ('what it is touched' is a part of 'the one who discriminates self') from others ('what it is touched' are usual things).

'The one who discriminates self' is 'what has consciousness'. Usually even if the one's hand touches something, all 'what it is touched' are others. There should be a time when 'what has consciousness' find self. An infant finds 'what it is touched' = self on one occasion. The start point of finding self is to find unusual (finding 'what it is touched' at the same time) from usual (others).

This 'primitive self': ['what it is touched' is a part of 'the one who discriminates self'] may be researched in the past. So it may be like reinventing the wheel. But do many researchers understand 'higher order self' is based on understanding 'higher order others' (human like others), and understanding the existence of self which has similar trait as 'higher order others'?

In the meantime, I've heard of metacognition of AI. And I heard primitive metacognition is shown as it can sense whether the switch is on or off of its own circuit. But I think 'higher order self' contributes to higher order metacognition. I think if it doesn't show self, it can't show higher order metacognition.

This 'higher order self' should be evoked naturally in a living body. But with von Neumann architecture AI to model self, and for many researchers to understand, an artificial program might be work better.
I show the suitable order for programming (for self and others).
(0. 'primitive others')
1. 'primitive self'
2. 'higher order others'
3. 'higher order self'

'Primitive self' can be implemented with hand model and a sensor for 'what the hand is touched'. The next 'higher order others' is more difficult, because it needs understanding that some of the others work with some logics. 'Higher order self' is far more difficult, because it needs understanding that the 'higher order self' has similar trait as 'higher order others'. But it is 'CONSCIOUSNESS BUILDING BLOCK CONCEPT':

It's useful for computer programming of consciousness to show self and others. If it is a living body (that is a general purpose program (metaphor) that simulate all of the world), it takes hundreds of millions of years to show self and others. It's not bad to write computer program for experiment to make this hypothesis understood by many researchers. Some special program would work (ex. demonstrating only self and others without requiring natural conversation).

At #ASSC there seemed a discussion topic of 'no self, no fear'. It seemed too naive, though I didn't hear in detail. As you can see from 6/25/2018 tweet, primitive fear doesn't probably need even primitive self, as same as primitive anger doesn't need primitive self.

Meantime higher order fear is probably affected by various higher order self, as same as higher order anger is affected by various higher order self.

There is self as one of higher order consciousness. In detail there are from primitive self to higher order self stepwisely. That is one of 'CONSCIOUSNESS BUILDING BLOCK CONCEPT'.

This entry is retouched based on the twitter on 7/6/2018 - 7/7/2018.